From day one, Melon was driven by the desire to marry design with functionality. That’s why Melon helmets combine the highest safety standards with award-winning designs to deliver a unique line of helmets for urban mobility.

Helmets that enable people of all ages to maximize their fun and enjoyment in safety. Melon has over 40 different artistic designs for cyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers, or any other personal mobility devices. Helmets designed for different personalities and styles that look great and make you feel good.

The Melon moulded polycarbonate outer shell is super lightweight with a special inner layer to disperse the effect of any impact. Inside the helmet is detachable, washable CoolMax padding for comfort and cleanliness. The unique Melon airflow system keeps the head cool and fresh. And the securely anchored Fidlock chinstrap is magnetic, not a buckle, for easy one-handed connection.

Melon’s ergonomically designed helmets are suitable for demure cyclists to adventurous mountain bikers, and cautious rollerbladers to tearaway skateboarders. Melon creates helmets for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. Helmets that are really comfortable to wear and look great, designed to reduce any inhibitions about wearing a helmet, regardless of age. Melon’s artistic designs range from the crazy to the cool, and from subtle to strong.

But most importantly, Melon makes protective helmets for people who want to enjoy life and have fun!